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2nd Street District is Austin's new mixed-use development including chic retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, wine bars and living spaces in vibrant urban setting.jpg
Austin's 2nd Street (Second Street) District is a six-block infill and redevelopment project located north of Town Lake and along the south edge of downtown Austin, Texas. The city's vision for the project is broad: "to enhance the identity and image of downtown Austin as a civic and cultural destination for residents, visitors, and businesses while preserving and enlivening Austin's sense of place." More specifically, the Second Street District Streetscape Improvement Project (SSDSIP) calls for "the inclusion of a critical mass of retail (and other pedestrian-oriented uses) linked by a coherent and uniquely identified, pedestrian environment... linking two important civic destinations--the new City Hall and the Convention Center Complex--along what will become downtown's key shopping or 'pedestrian-dominant' spine: Second Street.

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